• Mobile Application is a software that runs on mobile platforms and are a great medium to engage customers, to expand and build strong business appearance and boost profits.

    Ar cue Services is one of the best mobile application development company in Australia. We provide services to both small and large scale industries. Our comprehensive range of artistic, ingenious, and innovative mobile application development services on Android and IOS platforms by acknowledging the latest trends in the market makes us stand out from the rest.

    We provide support to our clients from concept to deployment of mobile applications to app store.Before hand over end product to client, we affirm the efficiency of programming, designing and do extensive testing and make sure its bug free and make sure it meets the client’s business needs and provide solution to business problems. Apart from development and delivering mobile application, we offer complete support and do App Store Optimization (ASO)  of mobile application which increases its performance and appearance on App Stores as well. We give priority to User Interface of Mobile Applications, As Mobile Industry is expanding day by day companies develop their mobile phones with different screen resolutions and different screen sizes to attract their customers. To develop and design an application that works efficiently on all the sizes and resolutions is a very challenging task. Our professional team does their best to develop mobile applications that are responsive and do well on all android devices to maintain our standard we test mobile applications on all android devices and simulators. 

    Apart from developing mobile applications, we can help you with App Store Optimization (ASO), Consulting, User Interface, Product scaling, and Updates on mobile applications. At Ar cue Services we have very versatile and well experienced mobile app developers who are proficient and updated with latest trends. We have developed customized applications for clients and in house apps. We offer Mobile Application Development in Native(Android and IOS platforms) and Cross-platform Application Development using latest and trendy technologies such as React JS and Flutter.

    We develop mobile applications for most of the categories which are listed in Google and Apple Play Store. Some of them on which we regularly develop mobile applications are:-

    • Finance 
    • Business 
    • Education 
    • LIfestyle
    • Personalization
    • Events 
    • Productivity 

    Android Application Development

    Ar cue Services is a full stack Android Application Development Company, we have developed and deployed number of android applications which supports different wide range of android devices. We use XML to design attractive and innovative layout and Java as a programming language to develop mobile application. We use latest libraries and frameworks to develop and support android applications. We have explore and developed solutions for Android Smart Phones, Tablets, TV and Android Wear.

    IOS Application Development

    We develop IOS Applications across platforms supporting IPhones and IPad. We have years of experience behind and offer lucrative IOS application solutions for our clients. For that we use latest verions of swift language, libraries and XCode.

    React Native

    React Native is our choice for cross-platform development. Cross-platform mobile application development has become a new trend and a great replacement for Native mobile application development. React Native is a proper and popular framework that enables cross-platform for mobile application development for Android and IOS platforms. In React Native as mostly code is same or shared for Android and IOS Applications and more or less same libraries, it takes minimum amount of time, effort and resources to develop cross-platform mobile applications.